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The Red Letter Players Rider

(The following are our hospitality requirements in order to ensure the Band is given what they need in order to have an optimal performance.)

Stage & Lighting Requirements

The following physical stage sizes are necessary for the various band sizes set forth below. All clients must provide proper staging for the band in order to ensure the best possible performance


6-7 piece band- 12 x 20


8-10 piece band- 16 x 24


11-14 piece band- 20 x 24


Lighting must be provided by client if there is no lighting at the venue. Artists must be well lit for duration of their performance. We prefer two light beams (left and right), white wash minimum. 


We also require a 6 ft table with black linen for our sound board and sound team for main reception and a smaller table for each additional component of your event that we are providing sound for.




We request that event location, parking and loading instructions be given in advance and that all parking fees are covered by the client.



Venue must provide at least two 110v/20amp circuits for Band’s exclusive use or one 220v/50amp single phase circuit for Band’s exclusive use. If outdoor event with no power, generator must be provided by client.



Band must be given an indoor separate green room from other vendors with tables and chairs. 

Water, Tea, Coffee, soft drinks and one hot meal must be provided for all band members and JMV staff members at every event. Meals must contain a protein, vegetable and a starch. Dietary restrictions must also be accommodated. If an indoor green room cannot be provided due to venue policy we require a pop-up tent with tables and chairs to accommodate the band for their breaks and meal time.

Outdoor Events

 If the event is outdoors, client must provide proper power (see above) and cover (tents, umbrellas, etc.) from direct sunlight and/or inclement weather. Space heaters must be provided if weather is below 65 degrees.


Backline is only required on a case by case basis. For all local events (within 3 hours), JMV provides their own backline. For all out of town/state events backline is provided by client.


Overtime is available as an option to all clients at a rate to be discussed.

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